About Servihabitat

Servihabitat, leading service provider

We are a service company offering full management services for development and mortgage loan portfolios, as well as real estate assets along the entire value chain. We offer our customers comprehensive and highly specialized solutions for the optimal recovery and management of financial and real estate assets, providing the best returns.

Our vision is to be the leading multiproduct and multicustomer servicer in the financial and real estate sectors, ensuring innovation and excellence in the services we provide, while building relationships of trust with all our customers.

We do this with the mission of working in order to provide owners of real estate and/or financial assets with full management of their portfolios.

  • In the real estate sector our focus is to increase the value of the portfolio and to establish the best strategy to maximize the return for the customer.
  • In the financial field we concentrate on providing the best returns on our customers' property portfolios, guaranteeing maximum security for their investment.
  • When managing financial assets our priority is to achieve maximum returns with innovative solutions, within the time frames defined by the customer.
  • In personnel management we want Servihabitat to be a great place to work, as well as a benchmark for all professionals in the sector.

And we can achieve all this thanks to the fact that our teams live by the Servihabitat's values as if they were their own, applying them to their daily lives and to everything they do. In addition, all our programs and actions are also geared towards promoting these values:

  • We bring value to the customer ➜ We place the customer at the heart of our strategy. We build trust, respect and loyalty. We understand their needs and we propose proactive solutions which give them added value.
  • Our aims are to achieve results ➜ We focus on results, setting ourselves shared challenges and we orient our actions with determination and initiative in order to achieve better results.
  • We are committed to rigor and excellence ➜ We fulfill our responsibilities with high standards of quality, continuously seeking and generating new opportunities in a changing environment.
  • We assume responsibilities ➜ We assume the objectives of Servihabitat as our own. We accept the commitment to our actions and decisions, and to their consequences both in the department and all the other areas.
  • We are a team ➜ We cooperate in a generous and positive way, creating a good working atmosphere in order to achieve our common goal, respecting each other and learning together.

We are defined and differentiated acoording to the following key points:

  • Operational independence: our own technology platform and a specialized methodology allow an independent, autonomous, adaptable and scalable management, meeting the needs of each customer.
  • Experience: 30 years in the business reinforce our expert knowledge of the industry and a global vision which enables us to design tailor- made strategies for market demands and the interests of our clients at all times.
  • Specialized team: A highly-trained professional team with an extensive track record and many years of expertise in operational areas enables Servihabitat to offer a specialized and highly competent service. At Servihabitat, talent represents one of the key aspects that define our team and it is prioritized internally.
  • Proprietary technology: we have the world's most advanced technological support, a S-CGS platform that has been specifically developed and designed for the financial environment. This infrastructure, which combines the best of the banking and real estate applications, enables us to optimally integrate client information systems in terms of both time and efficiency.
  • Advanced governance model: a robust internal governance model enables us to have complete control over operations and procedures, together with an ethical code of conduct that detects and neutralizes irregularities, are key pillars to guarantee the highest quality service for our customers.
  • Financial Strength: Servihabitat has the financial stability and strength necessary to support the business, allowing the most efficient and differentiated solutions to be developed.
  • Marketing innovation and customer orientation: our commitment to innovate in the Real Estate commercialisation and in out of the box marketing campaigns with a clear focus on the final customer, consolidate our benchmark position at the cutting edge of the real estate market. The heightened awareness of the local and international market, industry trends and customer behavior contribute to a high degree of success in the sale and rental of real estate assets of our customers.
  • Widespread deployment and locally-based service: the extensive commercialization sales network (with more than 4,000 points of sale) and the support of more than 2,000 associated estate agents give Servihabitat an unparalleled presence throughout the country. Furthermore, www.servihabitat.com is the leading website in the real estate servicing sector for the consultation and commercialization of assets.