Our expert market knowledge of management services for mortgage loans and real estate asset portfolios ideally places us to provide other services focused on specialized advisory services.

We offer analysis and valuations based on experience and thoroughness to an extensive portfolio of potential customers such as financial institutions, investors, credit portfolio funds, real estate funds, holding companies, administrations and owners of major real estate assets.

Advice services

Valuation of assets

We carry out due diligence to determine the actual value of the assets in financial and real estate portfolios, as well as their competitive position in the market.

Investment portfolio design

We advise clients on the most appropriate assets for compiling investment portfolios. We combine debt and real estate assets, with prospects in the medium and long term and with different return horizons.

Purchase and sale of financial assets and real estate

We assist our customers with all the processes of acquisition of credit and real estate assets, regardless of any subsequent management that we take on concerning the interests of the property.


Analysis of mortgage and real estate assets portfolio

Our team of experts analyses and assesses the structure of the credit and real estate portfolios. Improvement plans are designed to increase profitability ratios.

Development of pricing strategy

We draw up plans for pricing strategies for the real estate assets in order to maximize the profitability of the portfolios.

Market study & analysis

The high degree of specialization of the team and their expertise in the industry enable us to advise on market realities, trends or possible evolution and key developments. This is used by our customers as a basis for their decision-making with regard to their investments.