Our services are tailored to meet any of the management needs that might arise for companies that own mortgage or developer loan portfolios, both in normal situations and in difficult ones, such as those in arrears, doubtful or written-off.

We advise our clients and design the most efficient strategies to help them achieve their objectives, managing all processes in the life cycle of their assets.

We provide an integrated proposal that can cover either the different stages in the life cycle of an asset (or its entire cycle), culminating in the conversion of the financial asset into a real estate asset, ready to be placed on the market.


Early default management

Our methodology allows us to develop predictive programs that determine the risk of non-payment for each loan and to develop contingency plans to ensure payment, in accordance with the interests of our customers.

Payments and amortization management

We have payment monitoring tools available to control the entire payment plan of a real estate secured loan, which frees our customers from having to implement their own systems. We also establish loan amortization programs through plans that harmonize the needs of our customers and the potential needs of the creditors.


We lay the foundations for the post-deal agreements between our customers and their creditors for settlement of the debt.

Debt recovery

We apply our proprietary methodology for facilitating the recovery of debt arrears.



Settlement of mortgage debt through the purchase of the asset is one of the management solutions we develop for our customers.

Payment on account

We guide and develop the processes linked to the operations of payment on account for the settlement of mortgage debt, providing asset valuations and support throughout the negotiation process.

Sale of credits

We advise the customer in the event that the sale of credit is the best option, after analyzing variables such as the age and risk of the credit, underlying assets, associated costs of recovery and the financial market context, among others.

Mortgage foreclosures & judicialization

This is the last alternative in the management process of the life cycle of a real estate loan. With our specialized team, we provide expert guidance throughout the implementation process that provides full legal guarantees to all parties and maximum economic efficiency for our customers.