Servihabitat History

30 years leading the industry

Servihabitat began its activity in real estate services in 1990, offering management and advisory services concerning auctions, sales and rental of real estate assets, as well as the accounting and finance associated with these assets.

The company evolved over the following decades to include services such as real estate development, the acquisition of developers and management of payments on account and loan recovery or loan servicing, among others.

Between 2010 and 2013, we faced the challenge of integrating the management of the real estate assets of six financial institutions (Caixa Girona, Banco de Valencia and Banca Cívica, made up of Caja Navarra, Caja Canarias, Caja de Burgos and Cajasol) turning the migration of portfolios into one of the distinguishing features of Servihabitat.

TPG is incorporated in 2013 to Servihabitat’s share capital, while CaixaBank maintains 49%.

In 2014 Servihabitat faced one of the most crucial moments for its future with the launch of its proprietary methodology which includes the IT Platform named S-CGS, fully adapted to the financial environment and allowing optimal integration of the client information systems.

In 2015, the Company made a firm commitment to becoming a multi-service and multi-client servicer capable of offering comprehensive and highly specialized solutions for the effective and optimal recovery and management of financial and real estate assets.

In 2016, Servihabitat expanded, at full capacity, its successful model for the management of financial assets. The year marked the consolidation of advisory services by participating in several analysis (buy or sell side), as well as of the processes for marketing unique financial assets. The Company’s client portfolio was also expanded, resulting in a business line with a strong growth potential.

Since 2017, the servicer is committed to the implementation of a global project to adapt the Company to the new needs of customers and markets, to maximize the value of portfolios through constant improvement and the pursuit of higher efficiency. It is a transversal, vertical and long-term project, based on listening as a priority, since this is the basis on which all the processes are developed and then consolidated.

At the same time, in 2018, TPG exits the shareholding of Servihabitat and the Company becomes part of a new company owned by Lone Star and CaixaBank.

In 2019, the Company strengthened the line of personal mortgage credit with the provision of a huge 1.4-billion euro portfolio consisting of 10,000 loans.