New construction sales by Servihabitat experience a 25% inter-annual growth after the post-lockdown period
 Monday, 19/10/2020

  • The servicer currently has 2,000 new construction residential properties for sale across the country and 400 more properties will be added in the last quarter of 2020, 25% more than last year.
  • New construction properties, one of the categories least affected by Covid-19, is showing positive signs of recovery in the post-lockdown period.

Barcelona, October 19th, 2020. Servihabitat, a leading multi-client and multi-product servicer for the management of real estate and financial assets, continues to record healthy data after the first impact on the real estate sector caused by Covid-19 was overcome.

The sale of assets during and after the summer has been significantly revived, even exceeding last year’s figures, which confirms what has been substantiated since the beginning of the healthcare crisis; it is a circumstantial crisis that the sector is facing head on.

This is the case with new construction properties, whose sale pace has been particularly high during the summer and September. In this sense, Servihabitat, which currently has 2,000 new construction residential properties available on around 90 developments distributed across the entire country, has recorded a 25% higher revenue in comparison with last year after the post-lockdown period.

According to Ernesto Tarazona, REO Development & Wholesale Executive Manager, “the indicators we are seeing allow us to be optimistic because recovery in the residential market is happening faster after the initial impact from Covid-19 in the early months”.

The servicer will place more than 400 new construction residential properties onto the market in the last quarter of 2020, which will be added to the current offer, translating into a 25% increase in volume of this type of product in comparison with 2019. Servihabitat estimates that the growth figures will be maintained in 2021, and that the volume of revenue from new construction properties will grow at a 2% rate.

Tarazona adds that “we’ve always forecasted that new construction properties would be a lesser hit segment within real estate, and that it would start to recover towards positive figures some months earlier, which is what is happening with the current indicators”.


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