Servihabitat strengthens its commercial strategy by focusing on a new customer experience
 Monday, 18/01/2016

  • The servicer has implemented an exclusive service platform for customers in order to offer a more personalized and a better quality assistance
  • It has also launched more than 7,800 properties located throughout the country that have attractive discounts thanks to the “30 Days of Gold” campaign

Servihabitat, the servicer of reference for the real estate sector, has started off the new year with a firm commitment to continuously improve customer service and to implement differentiated commercial actions aimed at maximizing its competitiveness and fulfilling the expectations of new consumers.

The company revolutionized the real estate market in 2010 when it launched an innovative negotiation model for property transactions that allowed customers to negotiate the price in real time and that has been subsequently replicated within the sector. Servihabitat has once again positioned consumers in the center of its marketing and sales strategy with innovations such as the integration of personalized and real-time customer assistance in a unique service. This is possible thanks to the development of the “Call me now” premium phone service platform that is available at the website. This platform is handled by specialized agents who assist customers in several languages in order to provide a better service in real time to consumers that have increasingly higher expectations and demands.

In addition, this year Servihabitat plans to launch new value propositions for the residential transaction and home rental market. According to Juan Carlos Álvarez, Servihabitat’s Real Estate Business Executive Director, “Servihabitat is making a strong effort so that all of its products include advantages for purchases. We believe that these types of commercial actions are an opportunity for individual buyers because we have a variety of products located throughout the country that fit with a wide range of needs.” This will be reflected in the commercial campaigns that will take place throughout the year.

Servihabitat’s “30 Days of Gold”
During a month, individuals interested in buying a home with special conditions will be able to take advantage of the “30 Days of Gold” campaign that will remain active until February 11th. Buyers will be able to choose the property that best fits their needs from more than 7,800 new and existing homes, and purchase it at a competitive price. In addition, Servihabitat will allow prospective buyers to make offers on a wide selection of properties.

All of the homes included in this campaign are listed in the Servihabitat website, where they are marked with an icon for the special offer.

Although the campaign covers the entire country, most of the properties with these discounts are located in the communities of Catalonia, Andalusia, the Community of Madrid, Extremadura, and Castilla-La Mancha.

About Servihabitat
Servihabitat is the leading servicer offering comprehensive management of mortgage and development loan portfolios, as well as of real estate assets. More than 25 years of industry experience and the high number of assets it manages consolidate its position as the industry leader.

A highly qualified professional team and a proprietary technological platform provide Servihabitat with an independent and differentiated operating methodology that is capable of meeting every need in the management cycle of financial and real estate assets.

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