Servihabitat adapts to the post-Covid-19 context, facilitating the acquisition of land for development
 Tuesday, 27/10/2020

  • The land market maintains the interest and profitability of the developer sector due to the low expected impact on the prices of new construction.
  • The Company works on a series of initiatives to assist in the purchase of assets.

Barcelona, 27 October 2020. The health crisis has affected most of Spain's economic sectors, including real estate, although this has been one of those that has best withstood the impact. As has recently been shown in the report on the Land and Tertiary Market, prepared by Servihabitat Trends, the commitment to the land market and the promotion market is clear given that there are factors capable of maintaining interest when acquiring land for subsequent residential development: stable demand and the forecast that new home prices will best resist the expected adjustments are some of them.

Ernesto Tarazona, REO Development and Wholesale Executive at Servihabitat, points out that “after being expectant to see how the situation evolved, the large developers have been more active this summer when it comes to acquiring land with the perspective of development for 2021, so it shows that the demand to promote exists”. In turn, the private developer has continued its land investment plans even in the months of confinement, a period that represented 40% of closed operations.

Within the framework of this context, Servihabitat, a leading multi-client and multi-product servicer in the management of real estate and financial assets, has launched a new campaign to make it easier for developers to purchase this type of asset and face the greatest challenge encountered in the sector - financing. Thus, this new Servihabitat initiative allows clients to purchase land from a selection and pay only 5% of its value when the deposit contract is formalized1. In this way, the purchase of land is encouraged because the difficulty in financing the property is reduced.

The campaign, which is part of the actions that the servicer implements to contribute to the dynamism of a key sector for the country's economic recovery, includes more than 896 assets distributed throughout the national territory, although 50% of the total volume is concentrated in five provinces: Seville (22%), Valencia (12%), Madrid (7%), Navarra (5%) and Toledo (3%).

Those interested can make their offers until December 31, 2020 and consult the selection through this link:

In this sense, Tarazona adds that "with initiatives such as the current one, the Company shows its capacity for flexibility and adaptation to the environment, two values that allow us to continue offering excellent services to customers”.

Following this line, Servihabitat will shortly launch another similar project focused on the tertiary product, which will make it possible to pay 70% of the entry of the asset at the time of purchase and the remaining 30% after 12 months. In this way, the Company helps to promote the purchase of these assets and, notably, of the premises, a product with great weight within this initiative and one of the most impacted by the pandemic.


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1 With a minimum of € 10,000 and deed before 08/31/2021.