Servihabitat increases its sales by 38.8% and closes 2014 with a total of 21,163 units sold
 Tuesday, 17/03/2015

  • The portfolio of managed real estate properties grew by 26.5%, up to 194,156 units, including the assets awarded by Sareb through the Ibero Project
  • Turnover increased by 24.9%, standing at €212.64 million

Servihabitat, the independent servicer for management of financial and real estate assets, closed 2014 with a total of 21,163 units sold, which represents a 38.8% increase with respect to 2013.

As regards business figures, Servihabitat reached a €212.64 million turnover by the end of 2014, a 24.9% increase with respect to the previous year.

The full marketing figures at the end of 2014, including leasing and sales, is 36,036 units, 21,163 of which are sales and 14,873 are new leases.

Business growth and its multiservice and multiclient positioning confirm Servihabitat's position as the industry leader, as well as its good prospects. The Company continues to reinforce its team to successfully handle the increase in the managed portfolio, mainly due to the assets from Sareb and other new clients.

Significant growth in our first year as an independent servicer

2014 was Servihabitat's first entire year as an independent servicer, in which it has fully consolidated its business model. The management effort carried out throughout the year can be seen in the growth of the real estate portfolio, which increased by 26.5%, reaching 194,156 units including the assets currently being migrated from the portfolio awarded by Sareb to Servihabitat through the Ibero Project.

The leased real estate portfolio also reflects the business growth, standing at 44,207 units (including parking space and storage rooms), 47.7% more than at the end of 2013.

Once the migration of the new assets from Sareb is completed, the gross book value of all the real estate and financial assets managed by Servihabitat will amount to almost €60 billion.

The increase in asset management is supported by an increase in human resources and improved Company efficiency, which is partly the result of significant investment in innovative technological developments that improve service and management processes.

Mr Julián Cabanillas, CEO of Servihabitat, says "we are very pleased with our results in a particularly difficult year, due to both the market and to the change in the industry, which is having an impact on the main operators. In 2014, Servihabitat has been consolidated as a multiservice and multiclient platform that can provide tailor-made services suited to our clients' needs, as well as very differential options. Our success is due to our organisation's and our team's efforts, our clients' trust, and the constant innovations applied, both at the commercial and at the operational levels. Such aspects as the improvement of CRM systems, the consolidation of our banking core for management of financial assets, the inclusion of artificial intelligence tools for pricing advisory services, and an ambitious digital strategy for marketing are elements that enable us to position ourselves in an extremely good place to face the new year”.

Extensive commercial innovation and deployment that strengthen our position as the industry leader

Servihabitat is extensively deployed across its territories, with 12 own centres and a capillarised network of almost 8,000 points of sale, more than 2,000 of which are partner agents. It also has a strong online presence, through the commercial website, which the digital audience measurement ranking by the independent entity comScore places as the leading website in terms of audience for asset viewing and in the real estate industry.

Continuous innovative marketing campaigns, such as "You set the price", "RentEasy" and "Facilities Savings", based on differentiation and clear focus on the customer, made it possible to arouse interest in purchase and lease among many users, strengthening the company's leadership both in sales and in leasing.

Technological and operational independence

The own operational model, which has a robust, scalable, and flexible IT platform, with a specific development and fully adapted to the financial and real estate environment, makes Servihabitat independent in the market in terms of its unique management, as it can optimally adapt as regards time and effectiveness to any client's IT services.

About Servihabitat

Servihabitat is the go-to servicer for comprehensive management of mortgage and development loan portfolios, as well as of real estate assets. Its 25-year experience in the market and its high number of assets under management consolidate its position as the industry leader.

A highly qualified professional team and its own IT platform provide Servihabitat with an independent, differentiated methodology, which can meet any demands in the financial and real estate asset management cycle, strengthening the company's dominance as the leader of managers of large loan and real estate asset portfolios.


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