Servihabitat intensifies the placing of the product on the market and plans to increase the commercialization of assets by 40% in 2019
 Monday, 30/09/2019

  • The servicer increased the assets offered by 28% in the first half of the year 
  • The company is committed to increasing the time-to-market of the product, in response to the increased demand for the commercialization of new products 
  • In this context, Servihabitat has launched the "We smash prices" campaign with more than 9,300 homes with discounts of up to 35%

Barcelona, September 19th, 2019.- Servihabitat, one of the major servicers in the management of real estate and financial assets, is accelerating the time-to-market of the product, having already increased the number of assets ready for trading over the first half of 2019 by 28%. In this regard, the Company reinforces its strategy of making a new offer available to potential buyers and investors, with attractive conditions throughout the year and throughout the whole national territory.

In response to the increasing demand for the new product being marketed, Servihabitat continues focusing specifically on its resources by stepping up the release of new stock to the market, with optimum characteristics in terms of location and price.

More than 9,000 homes with discounts of up to 35%
Accordingly, Servihabitat is launching the "We smash prices" campaign with around 11,500 properties, of which more than 9,300 are homes, with discounts of up to 35%.

The range of properties is varied, and includes apartments, penthouses, ground floors and houses, both in new and second hand buildings.

Homes can be found all over the country, in some 50 provinces, although the provinces of Toledo, Murcia, Seville, Alicante and Valencia have a higher percentage of stock available. Furthermore, taking second homes into account, the product can be found in coastal as well as mountainous areas, and even in inland villages.

Homes come with attractive price tags, ranging from 20.000€ to 1000,000€ and higher, with an average price of 85,000€ and sizes ranging from 30 sqm to 1,700 sqm, averaging at 126 sqm.

The promotion will be active until Monday, November 18th, therefore traders may place their offers over a two month period. 

Therefore, along these lines, the servicer plans to continue to increase the product's availability on the market until the end of the year through various marketing campaigns. Consequently, at the close of the fiscal year, the increase in the available supply is estimated at 41% compared to 2018. Thus, the Company aims to bring new opportunities to potential buyers throughout the year, with benefits resulting from good services, location and condition of the assets.  

For Juan Carlos Álvarez, General Manager of Real Estate Business at Servihabitat: “This year, the Company is strongly committed to bringing a wide range of available products to the potential buyer at the optimal time, responding to the specific requirements posed by the demand for well-located assets at competitive prices and with quality services”. 

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About Servihabitat
Servihabitat is one of the major servicers for comprehensive management of mortgage and property development loan portfolios as well as property assets. Its experience of 30 years in the market and the high volume of assets being managed consolidate the position of the company as an industry leader.

A highly qualified professional team and a first-party technology platform provide Servihabitat with an independent and differentiated operational methodology capable of meeting all demands in the financial and property asset management cycle.

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