Servihabitat introduces a new formula to make purchasing properties easier during the state of emergency
 Tuesday, 21/04/2020

  • The servicer, which has recorded an increase of more than 30% in visits in the past week, has launched this initiative which will allow clients to reserve the property they are interested in without having to view it beforehand.
  • Those placing an offer will be able to withdraw from this reservation without any type of penalty if they decide not to purchase the property after having visited it once this period is over.
  • Searches for properties with a garden or a terrace have increased by 26% since the beginning of the confinement.
  • Those interested can submit their offers from 17th April onwards.

Barcelona, April 21st, 2020.- Servihabitat, leading multi-client and multi-product servicer in real estate and financial asset management, is making it easier for its clients to purchase properties by adapting to the exceptional circumstances caused by Covid-19. The confinement has caused a change in consumption trends with a rise in online purchases: this is what the independent platform Kantar has determined in a report published recently, where it shows that e-purchases have increased across all of the market segments.

In this sense, between 13th and 19th April, Servihabitat recorded an increase of up to 33% in the number of visits to its website in comparison with the first week after the state of emergency was declared. The provinces where searches have increased the most are Lleida (+79.8%), Córdoba (+51.5%) and Lugo (+48.2%), followed by big cities such as Barcelona (+43.2%) and Madrid (+28.7%). Equally, besides the growth in the number of visits, the pages viewed have also grown by 15%, which is a statistic that indicates greater depth and comparison within user searches. Regarding the type of product, there has been a change in the trend regarding what is being sought, as the searches for properties with a terrace or a garden have increased by 26% since the outbreak of the pandemic began in Spain. 

Due to this change in context and user consumption habits, the company has designed a new way to facilitate the purchasing process whilst the state of emergency due to the coronavirus is active. This new formula offers users a chance to keep making offers on the properties they are interested in, without the need to visit them.

Those interested in obtaining a new property can submit their offers from 17th April onwards. Those making an offer will have 15 days from the end of the state of emergency, or, as the case may be, from the end of the limitations on the free movement of people, to visit the property and decide if they will purchase it in the end or not. If they do not wish to purchase it, the clients will be able to withdraw their offers without any type of penalty and with their refund fully guaranteed.

Isidro Soriano, REO Sales and Marketing Executive Director, states that “at the moment we are offering alternative avenues for all users with the aim of adjusting the possibilities for purchasing a property to the current exceptional circumstances. With this, we hope that the plans to buy can keep moving forward where possible, and those waiting to buy a house can streamline the proceedings as much as possible”.

More than 55,000 properties distributed across Spain and belonging to different clients that Servihabitat works on behalf of are able to benefit from this new purchasing formula. Those interested may view the properties at or by calling 942 049 000.

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