Servihabitat, leader in digital audience of the servicing sector
 Friday, 12/01/2018

  • The Company is among the leading companies in the development sector with an average of 600,000 unique users per month (Multi-Platform Report by comScore).
  • The site obtained an audience increase of 3.5% in 2017 over the previous year1

Barcelona, 12 January 2018.- Servihabitat, a leading servicer in property and financial asset management, strengthened its leadership in the digital environment, positioning its online business portal as the leading website of development servicing companies, according to the ranking of the independent digital audience scorer comScore.

The portal has an average of 600,000 unique users per month, having registered an increase of 3.5% in its audience over the same period the previous year, from nearly 6,370,000 to the current approximate total of 6,600,000 this year 2. It has therefore emerged as the leading website in the servicing sector and one of the leading companies in the development category, scaling four positions with regard to 2016.

In general terms, the real estate category has increased its audience by 4% this year, while servicing has risen 2.1%, reflecting continuous progress year after year.

As regards Servihabitat, this is the fourth consecutive year that the servicer has been the leader in its category, due to the company's unequivocal commitment in recent years to offer new solutions in the digital environment that adapt efficiently to consumer demands.

In the words of Juan Carlos Álvarez, General Manager of Business Development at Servihabitat: “As the leading website in development servicing, as shown by the comScore report, our digital proposals must be understood as part of a global commitment by Servihabitat to innovation, evidenced by the implementation of state-of-the-art technology and numerous business tools, communication methods and interaction with the customer, among other initiatives”.

Servihabitat's digital transformation involves all areas of the company, which are dedicated to maintaining innovation and digital development as essential factors in developing our business and to continue at the forefront of the changes that affect the current and ongoing social and technological environment.

A new portal that facilitates and personalizes property searches
The company recently upgraded its commercial portal with a new design that improves user browsing experience and optimises the digital process for property searches.

The new site is fully adapted to the most common mobile devices and focuses on usability through an interface designed to streamline property search processes that conform to user needs. The renewal of the website has taken into consideration three essential objectives: to improve content browsing, increase the information offered about each property and to guarantee secure and sequenced consumer data collection, thereby optimising the search process.

Accompanying the customer at all times
This high degree of acknowledgement in the digital world has also been reinforced by the company's clear commitment to accompany the consumer at all times, which has become the driving force behind all the initiatives taken on by the company. Among the various means to maintain contact with the Servihabitat customer included in this commitment, the company uses the WhatsApp customer service, thereby increasing the immediate response capabilities offered by its various communication channels, such as ”Call Me Now” and its ample telephone customer service schedule.

About Servihabitat
Servihabitat is one of the leading servicers for the comprehensive management of mortgage and development loan portfolios, as well as of real estate assets. More than 25 years of industry experience and the high number of assets it manages consolidate its position as the industry leader.

A highly qualified professional team and a proprietary technological platform provide Servihabitat with an independent and differentiated operating methodology that is capable of meeting every need in the management cycle of financial and real estate assets.

More information: Eva Anaya / Teresa Batlle - / - 659 72 04 83 / 662 312 879


1 Data at close of November.
2 Multi-Platform Report by comScore (January-November 2017).