Servihabitat is putting nearly 5,000 warehouses, premises and offices up for sale with discounts of up to 35%
 Monday, 07/10/2019

  • The servicer is launching its "The Best Spaces for your Business" campaign with a selection of commercial premises, offices and industrial warehouses.
  • The product is found throughout Spanish territory, with a strong presence in the provinces of Seville, Barcelona and Madrid.
  • The campaign has more than 2,800 properties for less than 100,000 euros.
  • The promotion will be active for two months, until December 3rd.​

Barcelona, October 4th, 2019.- Servihabitat, one of the major servicers in the management of real estate and financial assets, is putting more than 4,500 commercial premises, industrial warehouses and offices up for sale with discounts of up to 35%. The “The Best Spaces for your Business” campaign also includes additional annexes, therefore it comprises a total of around 6,000 assets.

By type, nearly 60% of the properties correspond to commercial premises, whereas the warehouses and offices on average account for 10% of the total. The remainder are annexes of various types such as parking lots and storerooms.

The assets are distributed throughout Spanish territory, with large capitals, dormitory towns and small villages having the largest concentration of stock: Seville (11%), Barcelona (8%), Madrid (6%), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (5%), Valencia (5%) and Cádiz (5%).

As for the price, the average price of the premises is 121,000€, with other bargains available from 10,000€. The average price of the offices is 87,000€ with unique locations. The average cost of the industrial warehouses is 163,000€.

In this campaign, Servihabitat is making a wide variety of options available, with exceptional conditions, to those enterprises or individuals interested in expanding their businesses, changing their location or improving their current space. The promotion will be active until Tuesday, December 3rd.

Therefore, as Juan Carlos Álvarez, Manager of Real Estate Business at Servihabitat: “We remain very focused on offering a new product to the market with outstanding characteristics in terms of location and price, reinforcing our aim of providing potential buyers with a wide range of new offers and interesting year-long conditions as demanded by the marketplace".

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About Servihabitat
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