Servihabitat starts marketing the Sareb assets from Abanca
 Tuesday, 19/05/2015

  • About 13,000 assets were migrated in a process that stood out for its speed, security, and easy management
  • Servihabitat's robust technological platform and extensive expertise in migrations made it possible to achieve success through a model integration

Servihabitat, an independent servicer for financial and real estate asset management, has started managing and marketing the real estate assets owned by Sareb which had been previously managed by Abanca (formerly NovaCaixaGalicia), after having successfully completed the migration process. These assets, management of which was awarded to Servihabitat by Sareb as part of the Ibero Project, increase the portfolio managed by Servihabitat by about 13,000 units.

The assets management of which has been migrated represent a portion of the portfolio awarded to Sareb, which also includes the assets from Liberbank and Banco de Valencia, with a total of more than 30,300 real estate and credit units. In the words of Julián Cabanillas, CEO of Servihabitat, "the awarding and now the fast, optimal marketing of the migrated assets reinforce our leadership in the industry, with a managed portfolio with a gross book value of about €60 billion, more than 25 years' experience, and a marketing, technological, and human power that consolidate us as the servicer of reference".

The migration process stood out for its speed (less than nine weeks), security, and risk minimisation in transfer of the assets, as well as for the ease of management by the entities involved. Integration was successfully performed thanks to Servihabitat's own robust yet flexible technological platform, to the experience of the managing team, which has already led many portfolio migrations, and to the close cooperation between the three entities involved: Abanca, Sareb, and Servihabitat.

According to Joan Planella, Head of Organisation and CIO of Servihabitat, "the integration was exemplary thanks to an optimal adaptation of the information structures between the entities and to the fact that the process was carried out with the full cooperation of the transferring entity, which contributed to the speed and reliability of the migration".

As soon as the assets were incorporated, Servihabitat deployed all its marketing power to make them available to the public. Most of the migrated properties, in addition to being available on the website, will be promoted by means of special communication actions focusing on territories.

The integration of this new portfolio reinforces even more Servihabitat's commercial offer, particularly in the North (about 25% of the new assets are located in Galicia), where the Company has deployed a powerful management and marketing network.

About Servihabitat
Servihabitat is the go-to service for the comprehensive management of mortgage and development loan portfolios, as well as of real estate assets. Its 25-year experience in the market and its high number of assets under management consolidate its position as the industry leader.

A highly qualified professional team and its own IT platform provide Servihabitat with an independent, differentiated methodology that can meet any demands in the financial and real estate asset management cycle, strengthening the Company's dominance as the leader of managers of large loan and real estate asset portfolios.


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