According to a Servihabitat survey, 45% of visitors to the Barcelona Meeting Point are looking for their first home
 Monday, 03/11/2014

  • 57% of interviewees believe that the market has hit bottom and prices will soon rise again

A survey held by Servihabitat during the Barcelona Meeting Point with more than 500 visitors discloses the interests of the public that have come to the real estate fair, which closed yesterday.

45% of interviewees visited the fair to purchase their first home, 18% of whom were looking for a newly built home, while 28% opted for existing homes, which now have highly competitive prices. The remaining 54% said that they were interested in both options provided that the home was in good condition.

34% of visitors were interested in an upgrade home - that is, they have already purchased their first home and want to replace it by a larger one, to improve on their previous home or to move to a different area. 8% of visitors were interested in holiday homes or second homes, and were not particularly concerned about whether the home was newly built or already existed.

Servihabitat's survey also showed an increase in the number of visitors seeking a home as an investment. 13% of interviewees said that this was their goal in purchasing, at a time when the market starts to show signs of a change in cycle and of the start of price recovery.

Data also show that visitors to the BMP prefer purchase over rental, as 85% of interviewees preferred the former, as opposed to 9% for whom rental was their first option and 6% who sought rental with an option to purchase.

As regards BMP visitors' perception of the current real estate market, 57% believe that housing prices have already hit bottom and will start to rise, so bargains are coming to an end, while 36% trust that it will still drop further. In this sense, as regards the intention to buy, 42% said that they wanted to buy immediately and almost 36% said that they would buy in the next six to twelve months. Interviewees were also asked how long they had been looking for a home, and 86% said that they had been looking for a home that suited their needs for three to nine months.

As for the usual ways to find real estate properties, 86% of interviewees said that they searched online, as opposed to 14% who prefer traditional real estate agents or specialised industry fairs or events.

Servihabitat, the author of the survey and an independent servicer for management of financial and real estate assets, presented in the fair such attractive commercial offers as the “Cheque: First Expenses”, a 3,000-euro aid to face the first expenses involved in purchase of a home. Also during the fair, Servihabitat offered in their stand campaigns that customers can usually find on their website, or in their almost 8,000 points of sale, such as "You set the price", "Easy Renting", and "Savings in Commercial Premises”.

92% of Servihabitat campaigns have negotiable prices
Thanks to Servihabitat's "You set the price" campaign, customers who are interested in buying a home can make an offer and propose the price they see fit for a wide range of existing or newly-built real estate properties, as first or second homes. As regards rental options, thanks to the "Easy Renting" benefits, the company offers a selection of more than 925 homes to rent in the best conditions: 2 months free, no bank guarantee (see terms and conditions), and just one month's deposit.

More than 4,000 commercial premises all over Spain, with great contracting benefits
Entrepreneurs and businesses that want to start or improve their business can now choose from among more than 4,390 commercial premises all over Spain, for sale or rental. 74% of these commercial premises also offer great discounts as part of the "Savings in Commercial Premises", which offers a discount of 45% in the purchase or rental price, with three months' default and a 25% discount in the first six months.

Extensive presence and commercial innovation strengthen our position as leaders in the industry
Servihabitat has an extensive territorial presence that takes the form of 14 promotion centres and a wide-ranging network of almost 8,000 points of sale, almost 2,000 of which are real estate agent partners. We also have a strong presence online, through the commercial website, which the digital audience ranking by the independent company ComScore positions are the top real estate servicing website in the market.

About Servihabitat
Servihabitat is the servicer of reference in the provision of services for comprehensive management of mortgage credit and real estate development portfolios, as well as of real estate assets. 25 years' experience in the market and our high volume of managed assets consolidate our positions as leaders in the industry.

A highly qualified professional team and our own technological platform provide Servihabitat with an independent and differentiated operating methodology, which can meet all needs in the management cycle of financial and real estate assets.

Servihabitat has two main shareholders: TPG, holding 51% of the share capital, and CaixaBank, holding 49%.


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