When the financial assets management phase ends and these are converted into real estate assets, we provide our customers with a range of specialized services for property management and profitability.

To achieve this, we have an innovative model for selling and renting in the commercialization stage that allows us to manage a large volume of assets with guarantees of success. We are leaders in this area, due to our experience and sound managerial capability, capillarity of the sales network, specialization and innovation in marketing campaigns born of a deep understanding of the market and consumer behavior and commitment to enhance the on-line sales channel, which places www.servihabitat.com as the leading website in the real estate servicing sector, with a monthly average of 867,000 unique users (Source: comScore MultiPlatform Report, 2019).

This commercialization ability is enhanced by more than 2,000 associated estate agents, which combined with our network of more than 4,000 points of sale increase our presence and service to both domestic and international customers, with a network which is also specialized in assisting foreign buyers. Servihabitat also has an exclusive centralized structure for daily commercial monitoring and for key management, with almost 500,000 copies managed in 2019, which ensures an efficient operation and guarantees high quality standards throughout our network.

Real Estate Services

Valuation of assets

We provide asset valuation services to optimize price sales. We use analytical models for this purpose, allowing us to monitor the market in real time, giving us a contrasted view of the status and the possible trends.

Maintenance and preservation

We manage all the facility service processes, both administrative and operational, for the proper conservation of our customers' assets, optimizing their value.

Land development

A part of real estate assets that demands management plans are those in the form of land with urban development projects that have been previously approved. We set up and lead all the project management processes necessary for the development of this land, according to the specific requirements stipulated.



Promotion and development of projects

Our services are focused on covering all the outstanding processes to start promotions, or to finish those that are in development, and commercialization of the assets.

Equity portfolio sales and management

The owners of large portfolios of real estate assets have very specific management needs. We are experts in this field and have a range of scalable services that are tailored to each specific requirement, with the dedication of a specialized team and an exclusive reporting system.

Preparation for the marketplace

Our expert teams analyze the status of each real estate asset and carry out repairs or remodeling plans, preparing assets for their commercialization and generating greater value.

Rental & management

We cover all administrative, legal and tax requirements related to the management of rental real estate assets that our customers wish to rent.


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