Compromiso con clientes y accionistas

Responsibility to our customers and commitment to shareholders

Coral Homes Group, in which Servihabitat is integrated, assumes the responsibility of holding the highest standards in terms of quality, efficiency and professionalism with its customers and shareholders. To strengthen this commitment, Coral Homes Group has established a set of rules and mechanisms that guarantee compliance with principles of professional ethics, integrity and good practices.

Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a statement of our basic principles, values and standards in the area of ethics and integrity that govern Coral Homes Group. It defines how we do business by describing the behaviors that should be promoted and the ones that should be avoided, and is based on the following values and principles:

  • Transparency and equality. These are fundamental elements that must be completely unquestioned in our operations, and they comprise the essential foundation that allows us to earn the trust of customers. Being honest and transparent generates trust, which is a fundamental value for Servihabitat.
  • Excellence and professionalism. We are committed to working rigorously and effectively in order to reach the set goals and achieve satisfaction. Excellence is one of our fundamental values. As a result, we center our operations around the satisfaction of our customers and shareholders.
  • Confidentiality. Data protection is the fundamental pillar that supports the relationship of trust with customers and shareholders, the essence of our business.

Based on these values and principles, we make the following commitments with customers and shareholders:

  • To promote the highest service quality to ensure their requirements and expectations are met.
  • To guarantee the continuous improvement of processes and services by establishing and periodically reviewing our quality, information security and environmental objectives.
  • To comply with the legal requirements that apply to our operations as well as with those we fulfill voluntarily.

This Code of Ethics is combined with the “Conflict of Interest Management Policy”, that forms part of the internal control system for the Company’s operations. Its purpose is to establish the mechanisms for identifying and properly managing any conflicts of interest that may arise in Servihabitat’s business by detecting and eliminating practices or initiatives that damage the interests of our customers. All Servihabitat employees, executives and shareholders must be aware of and comply with it.

The Servihabitat Ethics Line is a channel for reporting activities that do not comply with the Company’s ethical principles. Its purpose is to address the corresponding claims that are submitted.

Ethics Line

Model and System of Internal Control over Financial Reporting (ICFR)

Financial information is an essential element within the process of monitoring and decision-making involving our Governing Board and Management Team.

We generate and review financial information using the corresponding human and technical measures that enable us to provide information about our transactions in a precise, accurate and comprehensible manner, as per the legislation in effect.

The definition of our Model and System of Internal Control over Financial Reporting (ICFR) is based on the best practices of good Corporate Governance associated with public entities and public interest entities, specifically the obligations and recommendations established by the Law of Corporate Companies and the Good Governance Code from the CNMV.

The objective is to guarantee the reliability of financial information by ensuring that transactions and other events involving our Company are submitted as per the applicable legislation and comply with the following points:

  • Existence and occurrence. The transactions and events documented in the financial information exist and have been registered at the appropriate time.
  • Integrity. The information reflects all the transactions and events.
  • Valuation. Transactions and events are registered and valued as per the applicable legislation.
  • Presentation, breakdown and comparability. Transactions and events are classified, submitted and disclosed in the financial information as per the applicable legislation.
  • Rights and obligations. The financial information reflects the rights and obligations through the corresponding assets and liabilities.

The Model and System of Internal Control over Financial Reporting (ICFR) focuses on two areas:

  • General controls in which the main operating guidelines of the ICFR are developed along with high-level roles and responsibilities (second and third line of defense).
  • Specific controls in which the operating procedures for preparing financial information are developed (first line of defense).
Criminal Compliance Management System and Anti-Corruption & Anti-Fraud Management System

Since 2015, Servihabitat has put into place a Criminal Compliance Management System along with an Anti-Corruption & Anti-Fraud Management System, as required by the UNE 19601 and ISO 37001 regulations and certified by AENOR.

These systems are based on the Compliance Policy, and on the Anti-Corruption & Anti-Fraud Prevention Policy, and provide Coral Homes Group with an effective compliance management model aimed at preventing legal non-compliance risks (fines, contingencies and reputational damage). They also address the Organic Law 1/2015 that updates the Criminal Code, which states that organizations that have implemented crime prevention models and that comply with certain requirements may be exempt from criminal liability.


Moreover, as an integral part of Coral Homes Group - a company specialized in the Spanish real estate sector with a line of business dedicated to the development and sale of real estate assets -, Servihabitat is committed to ethics, integrity and transparency, and provides its stakeholders with the Status of the Consolidated Non-Financial Information of the Group, corresponding to the year ended on 2019, December 31. This document has been verified by the company Deloitte, S.L., concluding that it has been prepared in accordance with the contents included in the current mercantile regulations and following the criteria of the GRI standards.

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